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Pack 600 Pinewood Derby Guidelines

Pack 600 Pinewood Derby Guidelines

General Rules:

        Each Scout can register only one car.

        Each car must pass a technical inspection before it may compete.

        After the inspection, each car will be impounded

        An Adult Partner must “sign in” the car at the impound table – this will confirm that the car is ready to race.

        No cars may be altered after being impounded.

        Damages that would prevent a car from competing can be repaired during the Derby only if it does not delay the race, but no modifications shall be allowed. Cars not able to be repaired prior to next race will forfeit.

        All cars must be “New Work” – Cars constructed for previous Pinewood Derbies are not eligible to compete.

        Finishing the Car Body – ALL sanding, painting, decal application or other detailing of the car body shall be done by the Scout. Once the shape of the car body is established, it is the Scout’s sole responsibility to finish the car. Guidance by the adult is encouraged, but actual performance of the work falls to the Scout. Once again, use this opportunity to instruct the Scout on sanding technique, painting, decals, etc…, but don’t forget to let the Scout do the work!!!


Car Design

        Weight: No more than 5 ounces.  Leadership will have scales at weekly meetings if you wish to weigh your car.


o   Maximum Length = 7”

o   Maximum Width = 2 ¾”

o   Underside clearance of at least 3/8” and inside wheel to wheel clearance of at least 1 ¾” is recommended so the car will run on the racetrack.

        Nail axles are the ONLY axles acceptable.

        Wheels MUST have the BSA symbol on the side. Axles must be firmly affixed to the wood of the car body and must be placed in the original axle grooves. NO washers, inserts, sleeves or bearings are allowed. Wheel surfaces may be sanded slightly to remove plastic burrs and mold marks. Wheels may NOT be balanced with weights. Wheels may NOT be cambered in/out or staggered front / back but shall be installed level and in alignment.

        Weights and Attachments: Weight may be added to the car but must be firmly attached by permanent glue, nails or screws.

        Lubricants: Dry lubricants are the only lubricants permitted. These include Graphite and Powdered Teflon. The use of liquid and spray lubricants such as WD-40, sewing machine oil and others is expressly prohibited.

        No loose materials of any kind are permitted on the car. No springs or rubber shocks.

        The racecar may not be constructed or treated in such a way that the track’s starting mechanism imparts momentum to the car. (For instance, this provision disqualifies cars with sticky substances on the front of the car and protrusions which may catch on the starting pin.)


Conduct of the Races:

        The Trackmaster and Pit Crew will stage and run all races and make any decisions necessary during the running of the races.


        All scouts will compete in their own classification (Tigers vs Tigers / Wolves vs Wolves, etc…)

        The top finishers in each classification will advance to a Grand Championship race.

        Parents / Sibs Race: All Parents and Siblings are encouraged to join the scouts in their car building experience and compete in this separate event.

        Leadership Race: All leaders are encouraged to take part in the Leadership Challenge. The winner of this flight will have their name etched for all eternity on The Evans Cup which is passed annually to the event champion.

        All cars will compete in a minimum of 3 races.



        All awards will be presented at the Blue & Gold Banquet on March 9.

        Top place trophies will be awarded in each classification (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, WEBELOS)

        A Grand Champion and 2nd Place trophy will be awarded for the Championship Race.

        Special awards will be given for Most Unique Design, Best Paint Job and Best Scout Theme as decided by guest judges.

        1st Place Trophies will also be awarded for the “Parents / Sibs” and “Leadership Challenge” races.

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